Goodbye nickelodeon’s iCarly and Victorious

Hello everyone, this is an uncategorized post because it has nothing to do with my blog, but it does have something to do with a part of my life.

Recently the tv shows iCarly and Victorious have been announced cancelled. I think this is worth posting about because the star of iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove has been a big part of my childhood and teenage years. Even before Drake & Josh I have been seeing her in shows and now the most recent show starring her has been cancelled. I am pretty shocked about this and when I heard that Victorious has also been cancelled I was even more upset.

Dan, the maker of these shows stated that it was the networks decision and not his.

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Matt Reszke


I made a mobile app!

For a while i was thinking about making an app where you can share funny image captions straight from an app. So i finally found out how to build one and i have successfully created version 1 of XXCaptions. Currently works on android. Or web version on iphone/ipad. Check it out here:

What Product Did I Receive Today?

This is a used 2011 Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy Custom Electric Guitar. I received it 6 days after purchasing it from eBay. I knew what to expect when i purchased this “Used”, but to the naked eye, I don’t think anyone could tell that this is used. This guitar looks absolutely fantastic! My local Guitar Center is asking $599 for this model, and the best part about this buy, is I purchased it for $399! And free shipping! I will be doing a review on it very soon because I cant find any for this model. I will write the specs of this guitar in another post, upload more pictures, upload audio tracks and if you have any questions about this guitar, i will gladly do my best to answer them. Thanks for reading!

– Matt Reszke

Welcome! One And All

Before we get started on setting up this brand new blog, I just want to let everyone know what the purpose of Gigabyte Sessions is. My name is Matt Reszke, I am 16 Years old. I have been interested in technology ever since I got My first Playstation. Now, years and thousands of dollars later, I have almost every gadget a teen would want. From MacBook Pro’s, to Plasma TV’s and smart phones, I am pretty familiar with modern technology. But besides computers, tv’s and phones, I am a pretty devoted Guitarist. Since I was about 9, I have been collecting, selling and upgrading Guitars, Amps, Microphones, Mixers, Speakers And more. As of now i have 4 electric guitars, and I am always looking for more. So, the reason I am opening up this blog, is to review all the technology products and music gear that I currently have and will get in the future. I will also list all the specifications of my gear (in detail) and even make High Definition videos to showcase everything. Before we (you and me) know it, this will be a full in depth technology/music gear research blog! You can contact me directly at the “Contact” page. Thanks, & please check back soon!